Brian Williams Gettn’ Nerdy On Youtube

If you haven’t seen this yet then sit your bum down and watch. If you have, sit your bum down and watch it again! Vids like these make me gladly toss my video notions in the air and bow down to these Vid Overlords. The Tonight Show Crew are not only geniuses, but geniuses with a lot of time on their hands and I do mean A LOT!

11 million hits strong and growing.


May The Fourth Be With You

It’s that sacred Nerd holiday, May 4th!

There is so much geeky goodness out there today. Google it, Hashtag it, Like, Share, Shout it from the rooftops!

If you haven’t seen this video, you should and if you have, watch again to get your groove on to celebrate. The fine Nerds, Scott & Brendo¬†created this groovetastic vid which is a MUST see.

Also, look for special announcements from the Official Star Wars website today. They’ve been hinting at it all week.

I’ll have much to share today as I’ll be celebrating from the Minneapolis Comic Con!