Honor Thy Mothership

fc,550x550,slate.u2 Our Mother of Dragons by Megan Lara is a favorite of mine at Red Bubble. Its stories like Daenerys Targaryen’s that keep me going back to Song of Ice and Fire and Evil Santa, GRRM.

I’m often amused by the marketing groups who put together lists of products which are supposed to appeal to us ladies and Mother’s day is one of the best/worst. Flowers, brunch, and spas along with Michael Buble are among the top matches with a quick search. It’s not that I don’t appreciate a nice smelly candle or a great cookbook, it’s more that as I look at the combined lists I think that’s not me.

Ladies are a diverse group and have many, many interests. Marketers, I’m looking at you!

Think Geek’s Mom List has a great selection for many kinds of Nerdy moms that are great gifts to give year round. My dream shopping spree would be to buy all the things at Think Geek!



A bouquet of Kittens because its a freakin BOUQUET OF KITTENS!!!



These Health Bar yoga pants are totally my idea of being healthy.



Jewelry for SCIENCE!

How do you celebrate your own Nerdy mom? Comment below!