Plunder From Free Comic Book Day!

I came. I saw. I Nerded!

Even though I had seen all of the awesome of Free Comic Book Day #FCBD via the interwebs, I had never gone to partake myself.

My comic book shop was packed but a friendly calm buzzed through the air. Every one was there for the fun of it.

Men, women, and kids all wandered in and out of the isles. I saw nothing but eager faces looking for loot.

I ventured on my own which can be a liberating experience. I floated around at my own pace with no one to please but myself. I circled a few times before I settled into the flow of the place. I found a comic for my little Nerdling first. He was sick and disappointed that he couldn’t make it so I promised to bring one home for him. I picked out an Ultimate Spiderman featuring Nick Fury and many scenes on the his favorite, the Helicarrier. I picked out an issue of Captain Marvel and the latest Rat Queens.

The three on the end were free and I look forward to reading them soon.


Not all of these were free, but I came away feeling very sated.

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