Happy Nerd Weekend!

It’s a great time to be a Nerd!

Gone are the days of secretly wearing nerdy underroos while we meet covertly in basements or casually duck into bookstores. No longer do we need to need to watch our favorite movies or TV shows under cover of darkness. We don’t huddle in corners of the internet, whispering HTML code to one another.


We wear our Nerd with pride and let it hang out for all to see. I am Nerdy and I am proud!

Our media and fandoms are saturating the market. Our likeness is sought out and emulated. Our gaming systems are powerful and have plenty of bits.

We even have holidays!

Today is May 3, the first Saturday of May, also known as Free Comic Book Day!


There are so many stores that welcome both returning and new customers and you can find one here .

Once upon a time, I would have been too intimidated to walk into a comic book store. I never had a bad experience or ever got the stink eye from anyone. I thought I would be rejected or judged because I am a girl. The truth is, I rejected and judged comic book stores. I never gave them a chance.

Having said that, I want to add that even though I never had a bad experience, I know they can happen to anyone. There are some great sites that review comic book shops by their friendliness. Like with any product, good reviews are a valuable resource.

Now that I am a proud Nerd, I frequent a lovely comic book store in town with great friendliness scores. The staff there have always been polite and happy to offer recommendations. They are also very happy to take my money. After all, they are a business who would like to STAY in business. They are passionate about what they do and only too happy to offer products to new customers.

Today is the perfect day to give your local comic book store a chance and don’t forget the internet, Nerdy friends! Look for #freecomicbookday or #freecomicbook on twitter for great suggestions and super deals.

Check out FreeComicBookDay website and find your free comic today! After you have selected your brand new read, look around and explore. You never know what new plunder and Nerdy goodness you might find.

Then stay tuned for part 2 of this Nerdy weekend. May 4 has become a huge day to celebrate Nerdiness.

Go forth and be Nerdy!