SDCC 2014 – Weekend Wrap Up

It’s Sunday NIGHT, Nerdlings!  That means the big SDCC 2014 announcements have all been made, stars have been blinded by flashes, and it’s time for the poor staff to clean up all the glitter, spandex, and whatever that is by NBC’S Hannibal booth… *Shudders*

The star power coming out of SDCC 2014 was so epic last night they created a White Dwarf and the cosplayers leveled up all the Nerdy trophies for Achievement in Awesome. My feeds have been ridiculously difficult to keep up with in the past few days as I tried to swipe quickly through Twitter, Tumbler, Instagram, and websites to get the best Nerdy news. Since it’s impossible to go through it all, I’ll just do a run down of the things I’m most excited to see.

We finally got our first look at Wonder Woman. Look at her! She is an AMAZON! She is sooooo not taking anyone’s crap.  She looks hot (both figurative and literal) and is about to serve up some JUSTICE!



While I still feel some concern about what the actual movie will be like, I have to say, Concept and Costuming got it right. It was pretty funny to see all my feeds go nuts about Gal Gadot and then throw in a nod to the boys, Batman and Superman. DC’s top story on their website is all about Diana Prince and I’m please as punch to see it. Behold, your new Wonder Woman!

Marvel has been throwing news at us all weekend starting with our first official introduction to Agent Carter.



The Marvel Television panel hosted Hayley Atwell and several of the creators, including Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas, for Marvel’s newest series, Agent Carter. The show will begin in 1946 before SHIELD was founded and like her One-Shot, we’ll see Peggy adapting to life after WWII. The show hopes to portray the harsh realities of a post war world, which many women faced after the men returned. Skilled and competent women were displaced and expected to return to their roles in the home. Peggy Carter will have to fight to find her place in a man’s world but she’s not alone. Peggy will definitely encounter other women facing the same dilemma. What remains to be seen are what choices they will make when faced with stepping back into old ideas or trying to fit into an unappealing future. I’m really hoping to see some seriously conflicted heroines and grey area, badass lady villains.



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Holy Free Stuff, Batman!

Today is the 75 anniversary of Batman’s first comic.


Lookin good, old man!


Wow, Bruce. You don’t look a day over 41 (so I’ve heard)!

So the Nerdling and I went down to the local Barnes and Noble to check out their version of the Caped Crusader birthday bash.


Iron Man swung by with his tigers on gold leashes to wish Bruce a happy birthday.

Call me impressed. There was a story time, Bruce Wayne approved juice and cookies, trivia, prizes, bat-staches, masks, coloring sheets, buttons, temporary tattoos, bookmarks,  a free comic, giant posters, and a graphic novel sized essential guide to navigating Batman’s 75 year journey.


Thanks, DC and B&N!

Talk about a great gift bag for the party guests!


We also picked up a few non DC items like a full Big Nate book, a Star Wars poster, and ‘How to speak Dothraki’ (Pro-Tip, don’t say thank you) pamphlets from their Get Pop-Cultured month promo. I guess we’ll be coming to a few more of these events over the next month. Fantastic loot from this birthday plunder.


Golly, Batman. I was kidding about the plunder. It was all free, I swear!


Carol Corps Meet Up At Convergence 2014

tumblr_n8bjbcDTdQ1s0ubwuo1_1280I recently attended my first Carol Corps! In my quest to learn all things Marvel, I’ve gravitated toward Kelly Sue DeConnick and her story of Carol Danvers AKA Captain Marvel. Not only were the ladies at the meet up extremely welcoming and friendly, but they were all so amazingly talented. From Cosplay geniuses to artists and musicians, these ladies were a variable renaissance of nerdy talent. I left feeling pretty happy that I connected with some new friends and inspired to create…SOMETHING! Our photo above is super cute. I’m the awkward blonde, second from the right.

Because I am fantastic at bumbling my way through life, it wasn’t until much, much later that I realized the third woman from the left was Sigrid Ellis. Of the many hats Sigrid wears, editor of Pretty Deadly at Image Comics and 2 time nominee for the Hugo awards are two hats of note.  Ms. Ellis  strolled up to our group with a huge smile and casual confidence. I thought her to be a founding mother having no idea how close to the mark I was. *facepalm*

The latest incarnation of Captain Marvel is amazing and resonates with many people today. It’s one of my recs for both kids and adults at the bookstore. Carol is a complex character who is trying to find her way through this world, and more importantly, trying to find ways to be comfortable in her own skin. Like all interesting characters, she has moments of strength and weakness.  More than anything else, Carol is a great role model.


This cover art captures my feelings about Captain Marvel perfectly!

If you haven’t read this yet, you totally should. If you have? Come Squee with me!

More than anything else, I’m always grateful to meet new friends who share my nerdy interests. That’s one of the main reasons I go to Cons and other Nerdy events; to find my tribe. I’m looking forward to meeting up with these fine ladies again soon.







Minnesota SpringCon 2014

The Midwest Comic Book Association has been celebrating Nerdiness for 26 years! Time to go check out what they have to offer!

Springcon2014 captain marvel

This picture of my girl, Captain Marvel, totally caught my eye!

I obtained a free ticket from my bookstore to check out Spring Con. Thank you, MCBA!!
I was seriously unprepared for the awesomeness of this Con. Here’s the most amazing thing. It’s run by fans! The feel of a Con run by people who are simply passionate is so different from any corporate run gig. They care so much about the event and find ways to fill the needs for all fans. My ticket bought me two days of entertainment AND helped several charities: MN Food Shelves, MN Lupus Foundation, and Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. All panels were open to everyone and a Heroclix tournament was happening right above our heads.

springcon2014 Ghostbuster

Listen! What’s that smell! The Ecto-1 was present!

springcon 2013 batmobile

POW! Batmobile

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Plunder From Free Comic Book Day!

I came. I saw. I Nerded!

Even though I had seen all of the awesome of Free Comic Book Day #FCBD via the interwebs, I had never gone to partake myself.

My comic book shop was packed but a friendly calm buzzed through the air. Every one was there for the fun of it.

Men, women, and kids all wandered in and out of the isles. I saw nothing but eager faces looking for loot.

I ventured on my own which can be a liberating experience. I floated around at my own pace with no one to please but myself. I circled a few times before I settled into the flow of the place. I found a comic for my little Nerdling first. He was sick and disappointed that he couldn’t make it so I promised to bring one home for him. I picked out an Ultimate Spiderman featuring Nick Fury and many scenes on the his favorite, the Helicarrier. I picked out an issue of Captain Marvel and the latest Rat Queens.

The three on the end were free and I look forward to reading them soon.


Not all of these were free, but I came away feeling very sated.

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Happy Nerd Weekend!

It’s a great time to be a Nerd!

Gone are the days of secretly wearing nerdy underroos while we meet covertly in basements or casually duck into bookstores. No longer do we need to need to watch our favorite movies or TV shows under cover of darkness. We don’t huddle in corners of the internet, whispering HTML code to one another.


We wear our Nerd with pride and let it hang out for all to see. I am Nerdy and I am proud!

Our media and fandoms are saturating the market. Our likeness is sought out and emulated. Our gaming systems are powerful and have plenty of bits.

We even have holidays!

Today is May 3, the first Saturday of May, also known as Free Comic Book Day!


There are so many stores that welcome both returning and new customers and you can find one here .

Once upon a time, I would have been too intimidated to walk into a comic book store. I never had a bad experience or ever got the stink eye from anyone. I thought I would be rejected or judged because I am a girl. The truth is, I rejected and judged comic book stores. I never gave them a chance.

Having said that, I want to add that even though I never had a bad experience, I know they can happen to anyone. There are some great sites that review comic book shops by their friendliness. Like with any product, good reviews are a valuable resource.

Now that I am a proud Nerd, I frequent a lovely comic book store in town with great friendliness scores. The staff there have always been polite and happy to offer recommendations. They are also very happy to take my money. After all, they are a business who would like to STAY in business. They are passionate about what they do and only too happy to offer products to new customers.

Today is the perfect day to give your local comic book store a chance and don’t forget the internet, Nerdy friends! Look for #freecomicbookday or #freecomicbook on twitter for great suggestions and super deals.

Check out FreeComicBookDay website and find your free comic today! After you have selected your brand new read, look around and explore. You never know what new plunder and Nerdy goodness you might find.

Then stay tuned for part 2 of this Nerdy weekend. May 4 has become a huge day to celebrate Nerdiness.

Go forth and be Nerdy!