My Ramblings About Dragon Age: Origins


My happy band of killers.

My backstory: I’m new to DA and learning everything from game mechanics to modern RPGs. I am a n00b! The last game I played before my son was born was on a PS2 or SIMS on my computer so there has been a HUGE ASS learning curve.

The question from moodyrebelmage was: “Real talk, though, tell me about your companions. How do they make you feel?”

I rambled a bit about Nori, my dwarf, rouge, commoner. I chose her because I was interested in learning about this world from the bottom up and I had just been reading a fic by my friend garafthel from the Hobbit so it fit perfectly for me. After learning about my Origin, I patiently waited for the day when I could come home, rescue my family and my BFF, and kill everything with FIRE! I’ve been told that this is not an option. Boo

scahill42 has a long, confused series of texts from me about this exact thing and my final understanding of what BioWare does. I’m still not over your betrayal, Leske! So, to answer your question.

I take sassy pants Morrigan with me EVERYWHERE! I love her commentary. I love every damn thing about her. We are BFFs now. Take that, back stabbing betrayer, Leske!!! I found myself looking for ways to get approval from her prickly exterior. Like always, I saw a challenge and I said “I must befriend her!” I love her story and feel a strange kinship with her. We couldn’t be more different, but Nori understands coming from nothing and making your own way. I value her thoughts and respect her opinion but don’t always go with it. However, when I learned the grim truth about her past, I was eager to help out and kill that %&$&%* dead.

I LOVE Shale for the same reasons. I thought she was a gay rockman for a long time until someone pointed out that she was in fact, female. Doesn’t matter. I love Shale’s view of things and bring him/her pretty things whenever I can. When I go off to kill things, I like to bring my party of bad ass girls with me; Nori, Morrigan, and Shale. It almost doesn’t matter who else goes with because we do serious damage where ever we end up. I usually bring Allister and he often gets maimed or killed. Poor baby, Sorry! Shale is great. She’s a freakin Gollum! I am amused by her sass and her freakish obsession with birds. I’ll happily kill all those peckers for you, darling!

Allister, sweet, darling, Allister. He’s adorbs. I romanced him right away, or tried to. He’s so bashful and I sometime want to bash him over the head and drag him into my tent, but he’s no Zevron. That’s not how he rolls. My dwarf had a tough life and has a very crusty exterior. She doesn’t like to talk much but she tries to do the right thing. Allister has helped her to learn how to talk more about FEELINGS and other things that people have interests about. Nori has been a good influence on him as well. He was too much of a fragile flower. He’s has an edge now and that’s not a bad thing when you live in Ferelden, me thinks. I was super excited to bring him home and introduce my new boyfriend to my family and friends… but that didn’t really go that way. Stupid Leske. I still don’t know which one of my asshole companions killed him. No one will tell me either! *Pouts* Of course, meeting Allister’s sister didn’t really go that great either. It’s a good thing we’re making our own family then. Right? right? (sigh)

I like Leliana but I don’t use her much since I am a rouge. I listen to her stories, as much as she will share. I’m not for the Chantry life myself but I find their mythology fascinating. I like to take her with me when we go to towns. She brings out Nori’s girlie side but she can hold her own in a fight, which is important. I’m excited to learn more of her SEEEEEECREEEEETS, whenever she trusts me enough to share.

Zevron, LOL! What’s to say? He is funny and flirty and I bring him along for one purpose, dialogue. I was surprised that he got pouty when I decided to hang with Allister but of the two, Zevron was always going to be the one to get over it. I love his friendship and want to get the bugger to tell me more about his backstory but he loves his secrets, doesn’t he?

Wynne, Meh. I think the spirit living in her is very interesting but other than that, I haven’t used her much. I loved the circle tower tour and of course, I sided with the Mages, but I guess I use Morrigan a lot. I kind of feel like Wynne is watching and judging. Not that Morrigan isn’t. Hell, yeah, she’s judging every which way. Wynne feels more like a mom or a grandmother and for some reason, Nori is very uncomfortable around her. Must be her mommy issues. heh

Sten surprises me on a regular basis. Just when I think I’ve got him pegged down, he goes and gets all humorous and I don’t know what to do with that or him! I want to know what REALLY happened at the farm place but maybe I don’t. He’s got my back and will remind me what’s important and sometimes I need that. He’s a good advisor…mostly.

DUG! He’s my doggie. My good little murder puppy! I give him belly rubs and treats whenever I can. He loved me before anyone else ever did and I love him for that. Good boy!

Oghren, I just got him. I’m not super impressed at this point but I have a HUGE bias against my own people. I get all stabby when I see them. I guess it remains to be seen.

So that’s my thinky thoughts on my companions. I swear a lot and get really feisty when I play. I grudgingly do the right thing sometimes, and cross over to the dark side other times. I try to stay the middle path for the most part but hey, a girl’s gotta eat so I can’t be wholesome all the time. I think this group is a good balance. We seem to be a great ragtag crew becoming more like family. I am currently in the deep roads. It’s my last main storyline before the end. I still have a lot of work to do but I can’t wait to see what happens with all those decisions I made.

What could possibly go wrong?

(Yep, I went there)

((I’ll regret that some day))

(((I regret nothing)))