A Series of Cons- Part 2

Market Time!!!!

IMG_0199 (1)

These are definitely the toys you are looking for.

The second reason I love going to Cons is for the all the lovely, lovely Swag! My favorite Cons have fantastic merch rooms filled with vendors and artisans ready to show me things I never dreamed I wanted but now I can’t live without! So much SHINY!

It’s always the same. I’ll scout out the room to get the lay of the land, swooping around several times. Then I’ll move in and start looking closely at each item and assess it’s value. Next I’ll ponder and think of pros and cons of an item in question. After I consider every angle I’ll conservatively purchase said item and feel pretty good about it. Last, I frantically storm through the rows of happy sellers, tossing my money in every direction. Everyone’s happy, except for my husband.

IMG_0201 (1)

Sorry, Feds. I catch em, I keep em!


Seriously though, there are many awesome and unique items that are very hard to come by with the added bonus of getting to know the artist/creator of the things you love.

The Comic Con Merch room was as big as I hoped it would be. Rows and rows of artist and merchant booths filled with Nerdy goodness. I was so overwhelmed by all the items available, my Nerdy senses were tingling in overdrive.



I know most people go to Comic Con to stalk see their favorite celebrities but mine was for a single purpose. See all the shiny!

Shiny things this way…
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Honor Thy Mothership

fc,550x550,slate.u2 Our Mother of Dragons by Megan Lara is a favorite of mine at Red Bubble. Its stories like Daenerys Targaryen’s that keep me going back to Song of Ice and Fire and Evil Santa, GRRM.

I’m often amused by the marketing groups who put together lists of products which are supposed to appeal to us ladies and Mother’s day is one of the best/worst. Flowers, brunch, and spas along with Michael Buble are among the top matches with a quick search. It’s not that I don’t appreciate a nice smelly candle or a great cookbook, it’s more that as I look at the combined lists I think that’s not me.

Ladies are a diverse group and have many, many interests. Marketers, I’m looking at you!

Think Geek’s Mom List has a great selection for many kinds of Nerdy moms that are great gifts to give year round. My dream shopping spree would be to buy all the things at Think Geek!



A bouquet of Kittens because its a freakin BOUQUET OF KITTENS!!!



These Health Bar yoga pants are totally my idea of being healthy.



Jewelry for SCIENCE!

How do you celebrate your own Nerdy mom? Comment below!


Agent Carter is Coming


Marvel’s Official Synopsis

I can not even begin to share how excited I am that this really happening. I love Peggy Carter with the heat of a thousand suns. Here is the official synopsis direct from Marvel just this morning.

After seeing Hayley Atwell kick some serious bad guy butt cheeks in her Marvel One Shot, I have been ready to watch the crap out of anything she does. Thank you, Marvel!


A Series of Cons- Part I

photo 1-2

Minneapolis Wizard World Comic Con 2014

It’s Con season!

I went to my first Con about seven years ago. It changed my whole world view. Going brought me such joy, such a sense of finally finding my own tribe. This year I decided to branch out and try a few new ones.

San Diego Comic Con is the Science Fiction and Fantasy convention most people think about when the word ‘Convention’ or ‘Con’ come up. It’s highly unlikely I’ll ever attend that show but when I heard they had a tour coming to my city I had to see what the fuss was all about.

photo 4-2

My Con buddy for the day could not jump in fast enough!

This beauty was right inside the entrance. The best part was the money collected to sit in this time machine goes toward the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s research. Money well spent!

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Revenge of the Fifth!

If you thought the Star Wars goodness from yesterday was over, you are mistaken! May 5th means exploring the Dark Side of the Force! Once again, the best way to find it is by looking for #revengeofthefifth for all the fun.

I spent way too much time playing Revenge of the Fifth today. It’s a Flash supported game (time to open up your Chrome browsers, Apple friends) where sheep of the galaxy duel one another while wielding lightsabers in their teeth or blast each other with Force powers. Ewe should totally get in touch with your inner Black Sheep and take down that rebel scum. (See what I did just then?) Then you can post your results from your epic battle of epicness on Twitter for bragging rights.

Speaking of Star Wars! Did anyone not see this?


ICYMI, the Star Wars official Instagram posted this pic of a familiar face yesterday!

I also went to my first Comic Con yesterday! Here are a few Star Wars themed things we saw.

photo 1-1

Even though this Jedi was in a tight spot, evil is no match against adorable young cosplayers. (Seriously though, they were all amazing) I never got photos of the two Princess Leias I spotted but they were both great.

photo 2-1

I found a booth that featured this demo of the Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Game. The people at the booth were super friendly and had a lot of info to share. I even got a coupon for free gourmet fries at their gaming store and cafe. I can’t wait to redeem them. Mmmmm, fries…

Ahem, anyway! I learned two things about this game.

1 The game was created right here in Minnesota.

2 I could not resist the power to say “pew pew” when blasting my canons at enemy ships.

Last, my own little Nerdling was so excited when I showed him the Star Wars Miniature game, he decided to make his own version of the Death Star Trench scene.

photo 4-1


photo 5-1

True to Star Wars canon, the Empire couldn’t hit a thing and the Star Destroyers crashed into the Death Star.

I hope you had a great May 4th too. Share your day in the comments below!



May The Fourth Be With You



It’s that sacred Nerd holiday, May 4th!

There is so much geeky goodness out there today. Google it, Hashtag it, Like, Share, Shout it from the rooftops!

If you haven’t seen this video, you should and if you have, watch again to get your groove on to celebrate. The fine Nerds, Scott & Brendo created this groovetastic vid which is a MUST see.

Also, look for special announcements from the Official Star Wars website today. They’ve been hinting at it all week.

I’ll have much to share today as I’ll be celebrating from the Minneapolis Comic Con!

Plunder From Free Comic Book Day!

I came. I saw. I Nerded!

Even though I had seen all of the awesome of Free Comic Book Day #FCBD via the interwebs, I had never gone to partake myself.

My comic book shop was packed but a friendly calm buzzed through the air. Every one was there for the fun of it.

Men, women, and kids all wandered in and out of the isles. I saw nothing but eager faces looking for loot.

I ventured on my own which can be a liberating experience. I floated around at my own pace with no one to please but myself. I circled a few times before I settled into the flow of the place. I found a comic for my little Nerdling first. He was sick and disappointed that he couldn’t make it so I promised to bring one home for him. I picked out an Ultimate Spiderman featuring Nick Fury and many scenes on the his favorite, the Helicarrier. I picked out an issue of Captain Marvel and the latest Rat Queens.

The three on the end were free and I look forward to reading them soon.


Not all of these were free, but I came away feeling very sated.

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