Minnesota SpringCon 2014

The Midwest Comic Book Association has been celebrating Nerdiness for 26 years! Time to go check out what they have to offer!

Springcon2014 captain marvel

This picture of my girl, Captain Marvel, totally caught my eye!

I obtained a free ticket from my bookstore to check out Spring Con. Thank you, MCBA!!
I was seriously unprepared for the awesomeness of this Con. Here’s the most amazing thing. It’s run by fans! The feel of a Con run by people who are simply passionate is so different from any corporate run gig. They care so much about the event and find ways to fill the needs for all fans. My ticket bought me two days of entertainment AND helped several charities: MN Food Shelves, MN Lupus Foundation, and Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. All panels were open to everyone and a Heroclix tournament was happening right above our heads.

springcon2014 Ghostbuster

Listen! What’s that smell! The Ecto-1 was present!

springcon 2013 batmobile

POW! Batmobile

I’ve been to several events at our State Fair Grandstand auditorium where people wander aisles shopping and enjoy a nice day out. Imagine my surprise when I realized there was a full blown Con going on around me!

springcon 2014 propatorium

So much Nerdy goodness at this booth, my nerd senses were tingling in overtime!

The list of guest creators (over 240) and exhibitors was staggering. People from all over the country from first time contributors to veterans in Comic and Art Publishing. The MCBA even brought a food cart around to the guests who might otherwise be stuck at their booths for hours.

In addition to all the amazing talent all around, there was an Art Show.

springcon 2014 lego zoo

Lego Zoo

springcon 2014 lego kingdoms

Rival Lego Kingdoms

It took a long time for me to pry my Nerdling away from these Lego exhibits. He came away with a nice haul from the two day event. Turns out when you’re small and cute, people like to give you stuff. He came away with new comics, Lego figs, and a Captain America drawing.

Now for my favorite part of any con, the Cosplayers! Thankfully the MCBA has a Facebook page with dozens of photos.

springcon 2014 marvel cosplay

Beast, Loki, Captain America, Phoenix, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy

springcon2014 star wars cosplay

Jedi, Darth Vader, Darth Maul

springcon 2014 storm

The Perfect Storms!

springcon 2014 stormtrooper



springcon2014 LOTR

Gimli and Galadriel

Thankfully, there are always people snapping photos at Cons which is super helpful  when a person forgets to empty their photo cache. Ahem! (Yeah, I’m awesome like that) Anyway! Thank you to the MCBA Facebook page for taking all of these great pictures! There are many more photos at the MCBA Facebook page and you should totally look through them all and as long as you are there, like, follow, share, and go to their next event which is this fall.



Looking forward to stoping by for this one day event and definitely planning better for next year’s SpringCon!

Springcon2014 beeker




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