A Series of Cons- Part 2

Market Time!!!!

IMG_0199 (1)

These are definitely the toys you are looking for.

The second reason I love going to Cons is for the all the lovely, lovely Swag! My favorite Cons have fantastic merch rooms filled with vendors and artisans ready to show me things I never dreamed I wanted but now I can’t live without! So much SHINY!

It’s always the same. I’ll scout out the room to get the lay of the land, swooping around several times. Then I’ll move in and start looking closely at each item and assess it’s value. Next I’ll ponder and think of pros and cons of an item in question. After I consider every angle I’ll conservatively purchase said item and feel pretty good about it. Last, I frantically storm through the rows of happy sellers, tossing my money in every direction. Everyone’s happy, except for my husband.

IMG_0201 (1)

Sorry, Feds. I catch em, I keep em!


Seriously though, there are many awesome and unique items that are very hard to come by with the added bonus of getting to know the artist/creator of the things you love.

The Comic Con Merch room was as big as I hoped it would be. Rows and rows of artist and merchant booths filled with Nerdy goodness. I was so overwhelmed by all the items available, my Nerdy senses were tingling in overdrive.



I know most people go to Comic Con to stalk see their favorite celebrities but mine was for a single purpose. See all the shiny!

Shiny things this way…

Tired of making your own cosplay ID? Maybe never thought to even make one? We saw this new trend at 3 different booths. Five bucks for a finishing touch to your Cosplay!

photo 5-3

So many Fandoms!

IMG_0190 (1)

Helpful for spotting the traitor in the mix.

IMG_0196 (1)

Wait! Haven’t I seen these agents somewhere before?

Many of the artists sell their items online as well as at Cons. Bob the Artist sells his designs here at his website. He also raises money for the Wounded Warrior Project which is awesome!

IMG_0203 (1)

I totally missed this issue!  Design by Bob the Artist

IMG_0202 (1)

Robert James Luedke (aka Bob the Artist) designed all of these lovelies.

We saw several booths selling these Nerdy decals for $5. I got to talking with one of the merchants, Isaiah, who was super friendly and loves talking fandoms. He’s traveled with Comic Con and other Cons for years and had great stories to share. The cool thing about these kinds of products is that the artist can create new designs all the time and take requests. He told us even though Minnesnowda was too chilly for him, he had a great time here and hopes to come back again next year. I hope so too and bring a coat next time, Isaiah!

We bonded over Iron Fist

We bonded over Iron Fist

Only one fandom would call this a term of endearment

Only one fandom would call this a term of endearment

I wish I had remembered to take a card from this lady artist. I fell in love with these dice necklaces. This is the perfect gift for my DM whose birthday is neigh. I had a really hard time picking out which one would be perfect for her as there were so very many beautiful designs to choose from. And because I am so, very weak I got one for myself too.

I picked out the red 20d for my DM and blue 10d for myself

I picked out the red 20d for my DM and blue 10d for myself

I’m always a sucker for buttons. Buttons, lots of buttons. Soooo many buttons.

Also? Felicia Day is my hero.

Pieces of flair I happily wear!

Pieces of flair I happily wear!

Now, on to the general merch…

Even Sith lords need to quench their thirst

Even Sith lords need to quench their thirst

Luigi Backpack for my Nerdling

Luigi Backpack for my Nerdling

"Spock! Did you say something?"  *nods*

“Spock! Did you say something?”

Only question is, which one is salty?

Only question is, which one gets to be salty?

There were many more things to see and so very many more than I can post here. This is just a small taste of what WWCC had to offer. Next time a Con comes your way, go, go, GO! There is something to love for nearly everyone.


Bring us home, ET.

There one more artist I’ll be featuring soon, Andrew Heath. If you are heading to any of the Wizard World Comic Cons, definitely check out his work. Amazing balls good!

That concludes my MPLS Comic Con 2014 experience. I’ll be visiting MPLS Spring Con this weekend and bringing even more Nerdy goodness soon.







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