Plunder From Free Comic Book Day!

I came. I saw. I Nerded!

Even though I had seen all of the awesome of Free Comic Book Day #FCBD via the interwebs, I had never gone to partake myself.

My comic book shop was packed but a friendly calm buzzed through the air. Every one was there for the fun of it.

Men, women, and kids all wandered in and out of the isles. I saw nothing but eager faces looking for loot.

I ventured on my own which can be a liberating experience. I floated around at my own pace with no one to please but myself. I circled a few times before I settled into the flow of the place. I found a comic for my little Nerdling first. He was sick and disappointed that he couldn’t make it so I promised to bring one home for him. I picked out an Ultimate Spiderman featuring Nick Fury and many scenes on the his favorite, the Helicarrier. I picked out an issue of Captain Marvel and the latest Rat Queens.

The three on the end were free and I look forward to reading them soon.


Not all of these were free, but I came away feeling very sated.

Then I saw the glowing signs which read 20% OFF!!!!!! ALL MERCHANDISE!!!!!!

OK, I’m pretty sure the signs didn’t use all those exclamation points, but that’s what I read in my brain.

I scanned the extensive game area for a long, long time. and debated which item to pick for our family game nights.


I finally decided on Once Upon A Time, a beautiful, cooperative game.

The art work is gorgeous and the game is only limited by imagination.


See! Beautiful, beautiful fantasy illustrations.

Now, I was going to share the cards and spread them out neatly.

BUT I have a wee Nerdling who was super excited so this is as neat as the cards got.


The best part of all, was the bonus card which OUAT (The Game) created specifically for my favorite comic shop.


How awesome is that?

So a successful #FCBD all around.


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